What’s Next for The Handy Chef?

After nearly a year of cooking and crafting with you all, I’ll be shuttering The Handy Chef blog. But it’s no unfortunate event. Actually it’s with great pleasure that I conclude this creative venture. Handy Chef was an instrumental step toward understanding my creative desires, and clarifying the path realizing them.

Handy Chef wasn’t my first attempt at carving out space for myself on the web. And it surely won’t be my last. My intent with Handy Chef was to carve out that space and garner an audience doing something I love; cooking and crafting. That was a fair goal at the time. But my now intentions have shifted from building an audience while doing what I love, to doing what love regardless of the audience.

What Handy Chef Has Taught Me

I don’t want to be a blogger. I don’t like posting on Instagram to drive traffic, or trying to optimize SEO and this and that. What I actually liked about running Handy Chef was creating new things with my own hands. That’s the lesson. I’m pivoting my focus toward that which I’m creating, not the channel by which I distribute it.

I’ll still be posting my work for the world to see. Hopefully, enjoy. And inevitably critique.

Visit my portfolio site, to find all past Handy Chef articles and keep up with my new creations.

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